Friday, February 28, 2020

The highest-paid streamers and online content creators

The live streaming world is quite the enigma for most people. People go to live streaming websites for entertainment in the form of gamers showcasing their every move in games such as Apex Legends or people talking smack in chat. Some people meanwhile would pay streamers for staring at a blank wall for hours. While some streamers might only be entertaining a handful, there are personalities with millions of subscribers who donate to their channel relentlessly, Tyler Tysdal explains. Here are some of the highest-paid streamers and online content creators.
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PewDiePie: No one can doubt the genius and the entertainment brought by the first content creator that made it big. With a reported net worth of over $20 million, the 30-year-old YouTube streamer said that he’s taking a break from content creation this year. Even after several scandals, he is still a personality worth mentioning in any content creator list.

Ninja: Fortnite brought a lot of new things to mainstream media: dances, memes, and Ninja, a talented first-person shooter player who had 13 million followers with 160,000 paid subscribers. Tyler Tysdal notes that Ninja was making over half a million every month for his revenues in both Twitch and YouTube at his peak. He’s also an endorser for Samsung, Red Bull, Adidas, and Uber Eats. And just last year, he began streaming exclusively on Mixer, Microsoft’s streaming website. While the amount Microsoft paid him remains undisclosed, experts predict that it could have gone as high as $100 million.

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Shroud: Like Ninja, Shroud was also paid by Microsoft to jump ship. Known more for being a CS GO player, Shroud amassed a large following over the years of streaming his games. In 2018, his reported net worth was $3 million. And after getting pirated by Microsoft, that number probably jumped as well.

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Friday, February 21, 2020

Company Success 101: Planting that ideal leader

When a company starts out, it’s the business owner who makes all the key decisions, including whom to hire for a given position. Tyler Tysdal explains in today’s blog the importance of getting the ideal people for management posts.
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Firstly, Tyler Tysdal mentions that hiring a leader out of the gate requires research. Business owners need to have a pool of candidates and get a hold of their resumes. Experience, while necessary, may not be the be-all and end-all when choosing a first manager. A quick look at a candidate’s social media account may also reveal a lot about his or her character. A short call to his or her references may reveal a lot about his or her attitude towards work, which is something that very seldom, if at all, makes it to the CV.

Second, if a candidate has zero management experience, it doesn’t mean he or she’s not leadership material. Again, a background check might reveal a gem of a hire. Some candidates without experience at the management or supervisory level may not have gotten the chance for various reasons, Tyler Tysdal notes.

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Finally, while the interview may reveal a lot about an applicant, it would also do a business owner good to give a sample management test questionnaire. These tests often simulate situations in which managers need to make key decisions that will greatly affect the company. Tyler Tysdal mentions that these questionnaires are good gauges of an applicant’s grasp of management and leadership.

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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Big waves: The richest surfers in sports

Tyler Tysdal loves seeing athletes attain success in all aspects of their lives, from their sports career ] to their other activities such as endorsement deals, businesses, and appearances.
For this blog, Tyler Tysdal pays tribute to some of the wealthiest surfers in sports.
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Kelly Slater: Kelly Slater has won the World Championships 11 times. His net worth is well above $20 million, which makes him the most successful athlete in surfing history. Slater is a well-known ambassador of the sport and has countless endorsement deals. He is even a fashion model. One of his most recent business endeavors is the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch, which is a pool that features artificial waves. He also hosts competitions there.

Andrew Wilson: Andrew Wilson, the richest Australian surfer, is worth over $86 million. How did he come to amass such a fortune? It wasn’t in surfing, although he did earn millions doing what he loved. Wilson founded the immensely popular gaming company, EA Sports. Through EA Sports alone, he makes upwards of $20 million annually.

Nicholas Woodman: Nicholas Woodman isn’t as accomplished a surfer as Slater or Wilson, but he is an excellent businessman and by far the wealthiest surfer on the planet. Woodman founded GoPro, which has a net worth of over $2 billion, Tyler Tysdal adds.

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