Friday, August 23, 2019

Running a business through lessons learned playing sports

With extensive experience in management, Tyler Tysdal knows what it takes to be a true leader in business. Many lessons in business leadership and success can be found in the least likely places, for example, sports.
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 Yes, people who’ve played competitive sports have often exhibited many abilities and the proper mindset to lead a company into the future. Here are some things people may learn from sports which they may apply to business.

Initiative: Many business leaders, especially at the start, are hesitant to make tough decisions or to propose changes in a company. Sports teaches people to take the initiative and to set goals and go for it with all they’ve got.

Physical and mental preparation: Probably one of the most underrated parts of the business is preparing one’s self. Far too many people who are stressed out in the office quit because their bodies and minds can’t handle the stress. It’s exactly the same in sports. Conditioning and preparation is an incredibly valuable process to make sure one is tip-top shape to perform the tasks ahead.

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Trust: People who’ve played competitive sports, especially team sports, know how and when to put the ball in their teammate’s hands. The same is true in business leadership. Trusting the people you work with is key, points out Tyler Tysdal.

Tyler Tysdal was the Managing Director of a single-family office with over $1 billion under management. Prior to the single-family office, Mr. Tysdal was Managing Partner of the private equity firm TIVIS Capital, where he was also the Co-Founder of Sports Shares, a fractional luxury suite club. For more reads on investments, visit this blog.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Sports marketing: The role of social media

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The sports industry offers countless opportunities for entrepreneurs everywhere, Tyler Tysdal explains. However, just like any business, there are a number of aspects that entrepreneurs need to cover to succeed. One of them is marketing.

For this blog, Tyler Tysdal takes us through just how effective social media can be in giving real-time marketing in sports.

Today, more people than ever have access to sporting events because of the internet. Millions of viewers get their news from social media, and Tyler notes that advertisers have not been blind to that fact. While sporting events have always been home to product placement, whether on television or on the actual location of the sporting event or the uniforms of athletes themselves, these brands only reached people who had television sets or who were present at the events. The internet and social media have changed all that.
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Tyler Tysdal states, though that before people start showing their advertisements for their brands on social media, they should do it the right way – or it wouldn’t be as effective. For example, measurable goals, as well as specific ones, are a must in social media marketing. Social media marketers may also help in viewer engagement via contests and giveaways. One of the best examples of this are the numerous fantasy leagues that come out during the season.

What’s more is that social media provides a platform for fans to interact and give their opinions on sporting events and sports brands. This kind of engagement, Tyler Tysdal says, is key.

Private equity and real estate investor Tyler Tysdal graduated from Georgetown University with a BSBA in Finance and received his MBA from Harvard Business School. For similar reads, check out this page.