Monday, March 30, 2020

Business discussion: Why IT training for employees is a must

Computers and computer networks are huge parts of countless businesses today. That is an undeniable fact. Another undeniable fact is that most of the computers and computer networks in these businesses are connected to the internet. Thus, Tyler Tysdal considers IT training for employees a requirement.

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Having employees undergo IT training is an excellent way for companies to boost their security among other things. A lot of companies have mountains of sensitive data that needs protection. And because cyber criminals and hackers are constantly on the prowl, all the sensitive data businesses keep will always be in danger.

The basics of IT training include cybersecurity. Employees will learn how to encrypt files, be reminded to constantly change passwords, be taught how to spot areas in computer networks through which potential threats might enter. And since inept employees are often the weak link in a company’s security strategy, training them in IT provides them much-needed knowledge to at least be vigilant.

Other than cybersecurity, Tyler Tysdal cites efficiency and increased productivity as two more reasons to conduct IT training in businesses. Through IT workshops and seminars, employees learn a myriad of IT techniques that would make their work easier. Keyboard shortcuts, power-saving methods, computer care, and other lessons not only help employees serve their companies well, these tools, so to speak, will also benefit employees in their own lives as well.

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Tyler Tysdal is the managing partner of Platte Management, leading the company’s investment efforts in several real estate properties in the U.S. These properties have primarily been in hospitality in hot markets, such as Manhattan and Seattle. To read more about the industry, visit this blog.