Friday, May 6, 2022

Best New Launches of Cryptocurrency Coins 2022

$BHNY token will be a New Crypto Launche in 2022. On This Episode of the T Ray Show The $BHNY token characteristics was talked about. Ray discussing the Utility of the $BHNY Token. The Area Rider was a NFT group on the program commemorating their brand-new partnership with Bridger Tech.

Likewise, May the 4th BEE with You the Bees preparing yourself for the $BHNY Token launch Post Star War Meme of twitter.

The Social BEES University Decentralized Autonomous Organization (" SBU DAO") is a group of hard-working misfits with deep industry know-how, and caring hearts, who enjoy their nightly celebrations and are crazy enough to believe they can change the world.

By design, this group using SBU DAO can supply unrivaled education, flexibility, and scalability to Web 3 projects through a fully managed community management and engagement hub service.

Social BEES likewise love innovating and working together while searching for like-minded believers in a new, token-driven, decentralized, global economy, where individuals will be rewarded for being the most valuable property on the planet.

Social BEES University is a collection of 13,838 special, programmatically generated NFTs deployed to the Ethereum Blockchain that governs the SBU DAO and DAO treasury. The BEES are made up of 12,958 worker BEES, 660 Princess Queens, and 220 Royal Queens.

Into 0-1:06.
Speak about the $BHNY Crypto Coin Drop This Weekend 1:06 -2:04.
Welcome Space Riders 2:04 - 2:53.
Describing the Energy of the $BHNY Token 2:53 - 5:53.
Ethereum's High Costs Undermine Scalability 7:49 - 10:16.
More Financiers are staking and Holding ETH with Speculation of increase in Crypto Coin Costs 10:16 - 11:15.
Cex Vs Hex Vs Dex 11:15 - 15:58.
Fight Of Fiat 15:58 - 20:05.
Partnership In Between Space Riders And Bridger Tech 20:05 - 21:06.
$BHNY Crypto Fair Introduce 21:06 - 22:21.
$BHNY Crypto Token has Token Burning 22:21- 32:12.
SBU DAO 32:12 - 36:37.
Where To Purchase The $BHNY Token 36:37 - 39:25.
Show The Bees NFTs 40:07 - 41:46.
SBU DAO and the Whitepaper 41:46 - 44:47.

New Crypto Launches in 2022|May the Force BEE with You! $HBNY.

Ray Pepito Co-Founder of one of the Largest Decentralized Financial Communities in the World. A guide to those who understand the fantastic chance that is best in front of us. Providing insider access to projects prior to they are news. Our attention deserves trillions!
Crypto gets it and will deserve Quadrillions, But the beautiful thing is that this is all decentralized!!!

Tim (T) is a crypto fanatic diving headfirst into Crypto when Bees.Social introduced and established initially checking out the space for his college kids the dependency embeded in quick. Now NFTs are quickly altering the game and it has become an intense PASSION. connect

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Who is BEES.Social
"We are a neighborhood of retail financiers that are informing themselves, supporting others, and benefiting from cryptocurrency investing. We're typical people looking for to take control of our individual finances ... we are growing considerably, by welcoming loved ones to join us and learn more about the cryptocurrency community.".

Why BEES.Social.
"We are not an investment group, nor are we day-traders ... as a neighborhood, we acknowledge that reliable communication, respect, openness, and sharing of info develops a strong community to that end, we are a group that has welcomed family and friends to take part, so we can grow together".

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